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You don’t often find entrepreneurship in the DNA of notaries. But it is in ours! We dare to be different. We are entrepreneurs, just like our clients, hence Ballentine Business Notaries. Our aim is to exceed the expectations of our clients in understanding and finding solutions to the problems of our clients before they have even become one.

Our clients are offered small specialized teams in the field of corporate structuring, mergers and acquisitions, private equity and real estate. Clients also benefit from the experience of our senior lawyers at competitive rates.

Don't worry, we got this!

  • Advice without long memos. We help you pragmatically in looking for the best solution.

  • Have you worked out the perfect handshake deal? Well, don’t forget to work out all the details on paper. Capturing every detail appropriately in a sales purchase agreement ensures that you won’t lose out - after all the other party has the opposite interests.

  • As a trusted advisor, and after getting to know your business background, we are perfectly equipped to handle family matters.

  • Being pragmatic and pro-active, we offer comprehensive support to ensure that your vision of your real estate is accurately reflected on paper.

  • Having gained experience in the business world, and also having worked at large international law firms, our Ballentine Business Notaries are able to choose the best approach for your corporate notary requirements.

Being brave is Ballentine

Gerlies Vink

A rock solid formula


Have you always thought of your notary as being the last step required in formalizing documents?

In fact, Ballentine Business Notaries are involved from the very first step, working out how to properly define your requirements and structure them. The result is a well thought out process.


Is your current notary a mismatch between your entrepreneurial flair and his/her conservatism?

Ballentine Business Notaries dares to think alongside you as an entrepreneur, enabling your strategic thinking instead of blocking you with piles of paperwork.


A key final step is the diligent execution of a well thought out structuring.

Ballentine Business Notaries can swiftly and diligently execute your envisioned transactions and structuring, making sure that all thinking is captured appropriately on paper.

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Let us talk about your dreams and desires. Together we can make them happen.

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