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You don’t often find entrepreneurship in the DNA of notaries. But it is in ours! We dare to be different. We are entrepreneurs, just...

A rock solid formula


We do not profess to know better, but we do know how to get the best out of our clients. And the key to properly addressing your question is carefully defining the requirements.

In a joint effort, we combine our specific expertise with your company and market knowledge to truly define the solution you are seeking for. Because if you do not have a clear definition of what you want to achieve, you cannot deliver. At Ballentine we are committed to getting both the best out of you, and delivering for you, together with our experts.


Dare is in our DNA. We are not just your usual professional services firm. Our mindset is to enable our clients, not to block them with rules and/or regulations.

We dare to propose alternatives that are not necessarily part of ‘the standard way’ and think along with you as entrepreneurs. At Ballentine we dare to structure ourselves not as a traditional equity partner firm and hire people with an entrepreneurial long-term mindset.


We don’t simply leave you with a slick looking presentation laying out the ‘to-be’ situation – we actually deliver.

We only consider our work done when we have put to practice what we preach. At Ballentine we manage the entire execution process in an efficient manner and to a high quality standard. We also fully involve you and your people to make sure that we deliver something that is yours.

Launch your business like a rocket!

Our main goal is to tailor our services to your requirements, not just to provide you with standard templates which do not meet your needs. As such, we have made a sub-set of our most frequently used templates available to download for free; the first actual open source professional services firm.

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Dare is in our DNA

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